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SEO Recommendations takes all of the research and work out of search engine optimization.

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Curated actions for your site

Custom SEO recommendations hand-picked for your website

We use AI and human review to create custom tailored SEO checklists for your site. These are easy action items that increase your rankings and only take a few minutes out of your day.

Internal linking recommendations

Heading and body content optimization

Layout changes that help you convert better

Results guaranteed

Improved Google rankings and website traffic, guaranteed

We’ve tested our results on hundreds of websites and we guarantee that these changes will help you increase your website traffic.

More monetization

Increased click-through rate

Longer dwell time

Custom for you

SEO Recommendations tailors specific action items for your website, allowing you to increase traffic without any research.

Increased revenue

We’ve spent years building profitable websites. Let our recommendations make you more money and increase your traffic today.

Item tracking

Mark your to-do items as complete in the dashboard and we will watch ranking changes for you to improve our algorithm.

Advanced support

Want us to implement our recommendations for you? We have custom SEO services available so that you don’t have to do a thing.

How it works

Easy to get started

We’ve made signing up as easy as possible so that you can improve your website as fast as you can.


Sign up for an account and we will send you weekly SEO recommendations and instructions on how to improve your website.

Implement recommendations

Implement our recommendations as you have time and mark items as complete.

See results

By spending a few minutes each day, we guarantee that you will get more visitors and earn more money.

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Our team has built over 100 profitable websites in every niche and style.


Our custom AI algorithm and human review reads your website and makes custom tailored SEO recommendations.


Your website details and information are completely secure.

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